The Body-Brain Coaching
        Method That Transforms Lives.

M.E.T for Sports Performance

In today's high performance sports arenas, the ability to consistently perform at peak levels is a constant challenge for both athletes and coaches. The physical and mental demands on the average athlete are many times greater today than just a few decades ago.

For this reason, the concept of "Flow" or "Being in the Zone" is a much-coveted state. The more time an athlete can spend in the zone the greater his focus and performance will be. An athlete in the zone is relaxed, but highly alert. The combination of a physically relaxed state with a high level of mental alertness allows the athlete to act and move with a level of grace and poise that is simply poetry in motion while simultaneously using his mind optimally to strategize and respond effectively to the dynamics of the game.

In this day and age research is teaching us that athletic movement ability is not a result of talent, but is a skill that can be acquired through movement specific training. However, ever increasing sedentary lifestyles, especially in our children, is inhibiting tomorrow's athletes to naturally learn the essential fundamental sports movements through natural physical play with potentially devastating results.
Experience is showing us that even our highly talented athletes are losing the capacity to consistently be in the zone, in part because too much energy is required from the Brain to direct the body to perform basic fundamental movements, which in turn depletes the Brain's ability to strategize the game and regulate emotions, which are key psychological traits of a winning performance.

Movement Efficiency Training (M.E.T) utilizes the disciplines of Neuroscience and Exercise Physiology to develop a low cost method of physical conditioning with the intention to increase cognitive ability and emotional resilience to once again allow the brain to focus its attention on the game, while the body moves freely, with flow.

Simply put, MET is the Smart Way To Train since our athletes learn that the most important tool they will ever need to be a champion is the brain, but learn this through a medium they most enjoy, which is physical training.

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