The Body-Brain Coaching
        Method That Transforms Lives.

M.E.T Level III - Transformational Coaching Certification

Historically, our bodies and brains evolved during a time and in an environment full of danger where physical activity was at the core of our ability to survive and thrive. Our mental and physical capacity to hunt, forage and prepare our food as well as our ability to avoid becoming food was for a large part determined by the level of our physical prowess combined with optimal cognitive function.

You could say that to optimally thrive in these harsh environments humans evolved to be finely tuned beings where body and brain functioned in perfect synchronicity.

During that time, we developed genetic predispositions that are primal drivers from within the deepest parts of our subconscious brains, which are for a large part responsible for many of our behaviors today.

From the impulsive desire to seek reward, such as in excessive food, alcohol, or drugs, or to avoid perceived threats that initiate chronic fight or flight responses, many of these behaviors can be recognized in our clients' struggles to stay afloat in the modern day world where the brain is constantly bombarded by nuclear rewards and where natural threats, such as lions and tigers, have been replaced by chronic social threats such as deadlines, sales targets, irritating co-workers, bad managers and many other perceived threats.

Our primal drivers that were once responsible for our survival and evolutionary success, such as to conserve energy, avoid threats and seek rewards have enabled us to create a modern day environment that no longer requires movement and that offers an over-abundance of unnatural rewards. Simply put, we have created a world where we are no longer fit to thrive resulting in alarming levels of obesity and numerous chronic and deadly diseases that are affecting an ever-younger population.

Even with the vast amount of knowledge available to us, where everyone in this modern world has access to quality information, only a small percentage of people actively engage in regular physical activity and other healthy behaviors.

In other words, what were once our greatest primal assets to survive and thrive are now the primal drivers for our demise in this modern world.

What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational Coaching is a coaching model that teaches clients, patients, and athletes how to retrain the body and the brain to work as one synergistic being so it can once again survive and thrive in this new world we have created.

By utilizing an integrated model of Neuroscience, Exercise, and Nutritional Strategies The M.E.T Transformational Coach empowers self-discovery and the application of scientifically sound knowledge to promote long-term behavior change that lays the framework for success in many aspects of life.

The M.E.T Transformational Coaching Certification Program is a practicum based 3-day intensive workshop where transformational coaching skills are practiced, refined and combined with the knowledge acquired in M.E.T Levels 1 and with the purpose to effectively drive long-term behavior change in clients.

After the 3-day intensive practicum component, M.E.T Transformational Coaches will be required to complete and record a predetermined amount of hours supervised coaching to earn the qualification of M.E.T Certified Transformational Coach.

A Certified Transformational Coach will be qualified to work with clients from numerous walks of life to help them improve health, fitness, resilience and vitality, with the intent to improve physical and mental performance in numerous arenas in life.