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M.E.T Level II - Brain and Behavior


Empower Your Clients: Know Your Brain


Building on the practical application of the M.E.T Level 1 Course, M.E.T Level II is an academic approach providing a deeper understanding of Behavioral Neuroscience in combination with Brain-Based Exercise Science and Brain-Based Nutritional Strategies.


Level II is delivered as an online, or as a live course. This course is a combination of lectures based on the University Neuroscience textbook: "An Introduction To Brain And Behavior", followed up with assignments to instill experiential learning.

The Objectove of M.E.T level II is to foster a deeper level of understanding how to apply an integrated model of Neuroscience, Exercise, and Nutrition in various groups of clients while simultaneiously preparing candidates for the highly intensive M.E.T Level III - Transformational Coaching Certification.

This course is launching in June 2015. Contact Us now to be one of the first to register for this course!



M.E.T Level II Course Overview:

Lesson 1 The Evolution of The Human Brain 2 Hours
Lesson 2 The Neuroscience of Behavior 2 Hours
Lesson 3 The Neuroscience of Perception 2 hours
Lesson 4 The Neuroscience of Movement and Pain 2 Hours
Lesson 5 The Neuroscience of Learning and Memory 2 Hours
Lesson 6 The Neruoscience of Focused Attention 2 Hours
Lesson 7 The Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence 2 Hours
Lesson 8 Driving Effective Behavior Change 2 Hours