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M.E.T Level 1 - Movement Efficiency Training

MET level 1

M.E.T Level 1 - Movement Efficiency Training is the first course in the M.E.T Transformational Coaching Certification Program.

Eighty-Five percent of the word emotion is dedicated to movement, which shows that movement can be a very emotional experience. Movement Efficiency Training is a method of coaching that relates with the emotional brain.

This one-day accredited course teaches cutting edge coaching cues deeply rooted in Neuroscience combined with a scientifically sound system of movement progressions and regressions. Movement Efficiency Training is designed to synchronize brain and body with the purpose to empower confidence and enjoyment so to enable efficient, dynamic, and effective movement ability in all types of people.

From Physical Education, to Rehabilitation, to General Fitness and Sports Performance, this unique coaching method is designed to give clients and athletes the autonomy and confidence to move more dynamically and efficiently than ever before.

Deceptively simple in its application, Movement Efficiency Training is extremely powerful as a training system. In addition to this, it does not require the use of expensive training tools, but can be applied with most existing training tools on the market today.

By applying Movement Efficiency Training in your training program you will learn how to effectively use your own body and implement your current training tools into the three training zones.

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Zone 1 - Reigniting the Memory of Movement

Everything we do in life originates in the Brain. Whether we are going to work, doing groceries or working out in the gym, every action has to be initiated from our brain. Our ability to remember how to move efficiently is unfortunately reliant on our brain's capacity for memory. Even though we would all like to be able to move again like when we were kids, or like our favorite athletes, or even like before we were injured, our ability to move well relies on the brain's capacity to remember how to move and memory is reliant on practice and repetition.

For many of us, our brains have simply forgotten how to activate those neurological pathways that were once used so naturally in our lives. MET's first zone breaks down these complex and dynamic movement patterns into simple movements to help the brain reignite old or develop new neurological pathways. Once these pathways have been established, a series of progressions are then introduced to help the brain and body move with the same efficiency (or perhaps even better) than in the past.


Zone 2 - Improving Coordination and Movement Strength Through Complexity

A Well-established fact in Neuroscience is that in anticipation of future events, the brain prepares itself by utilizing memories from the past that in turn evoke emotions in the present. Our ability to move with confidence and grace relies on the delicate synchronicity between Brain and Body.Unfortunately for many of us, the brain's capacity to steer complex movement in multiple directions and levels is limited by its capacity to simultaneously process the massive streams of information from the body, external stimuli from the environment and from our own memories.

M.E.T's second zone utilizes carefully planned progressions and regressions to train the brain to develop a greater capacity for processing during movement, and many other situations in life, while also empowering the brain to develop new memories that evoke positive emotions during movement.


Zone 3 - Reclaiming our Genetic Capacity for Movement

Historically, our bodies and brains evolved during a time and in an environment full of danger from where physical activity was at the core of our ability to survive and thrive.

During that time, we developed genetic predispositions that are primal drivers from within the deepest parts of our subconscious brains, which are for a large part responsible for many of our behaviors today. From the impulsive desire to seek reward, such as in food, alcohol, or drugs, or to avoid perceived threats, such as our fight or flight responses, many of these behaviors can be recognized in our clients' struggles to stay afloat in the modern day world where the brain is constantly bombarded by nuclear rewards and where natural threats, such as lions and tigers, have been replaced by chronic social threats such as co-workers, managers and other perceived social threats.

Our primal drivers that were responsible for our survival and evolutionary success, such as to conserve energy, avoid threats and seek rewards have enabled us to create a modern day environment void of movement. Simply put, we are no longer fit to thrive in the very environment we have created.

M.E.T's third zone builds on the confidence, strength and coordination developed in the first two zones. By utilizing carefully administered regressions and progressions ranging from regular day to day movements to advanced sports specific drills, M.E.T is compatible with each person's individual requirements. This individual flexibility empowers us to reclaim our genetic capacity for dynamic movement and once again thrive in the very way nature intended for us.



NEW! M.E.T level 1 - Online Course

MET Online Learning

Taking the M.E.T Level 1 Course online can be great for self-motivated individuals who want to learn the new skills that this course has to offer without sacrificing their commitment to their job and/or family. 

The 8-Hour M.E.T Level 1 Online Course is exactly the same as the M.E.T Level 1 Live Course where you will have the opportunity to download the text books, view complete course videos and take your final quiz all at your own pace.

Online Course Structure:

Lesson 1 Scientific Foundations - The Neuroscience of Exercise. 1 Hour
Lesson 2 Zone 1: Practicum - Pushing and the Brain 1 Hour
Lesson 3 Practicum - Pulling and the Brain 1 hour
Lesson 4 Practicum - Lifting Overhead and the Brain 1 Hour
Lesson 5 Practicum - Squats, Lunge, Rotate and the Brain 1 Hour
Lesson 6 Practicum - Zone 2 1 Hour
Lesson 7 Practicum - Zone 3 1 Hour
Lesson 8 Programming M.E.T Workouts 1 Hour


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Accredited for CECs: ACE (0.8), AFAA (7)