The Body-Brain Coaching
        Method That Transforms Lives.

M.E.T for Healthcare

Let's face it, people just don't move enough any more. Our brains' insatiable need for convenience has driven us to create an environment where, what once was considered basic movement skills, such as walking, running, jumping, climbing and physical play have made way for sedentary activities such as watching television, operating computers and playing video games.

Genetically, the human brain and body were designed to thrive in an environment where movement was a requirement. Our brains and bodies are simply not designed to function in an environment with such little movement, leaving us susceptible to chronic stress, chronic disease, accelerated aging and musculoskeletal complications.

The combination of limited physical activity combined with increased demands of performance in life is a formula for disaster with potentially tremendous socio and economic consequences. It is therefore essential that as an industry, we can inspire patients to actively embrace the concept of movement and exercise.

Movement Efficiency Training (M.E.T) utilizes the disciplines of Neuroscience and Exercise Physiology to develop a low cost, and safe, method of physical exercise with the intention to increase cognitive ability, decrease stress and empower our patients to once again enjoy the gift of movement, just as they used to move when they were younger or before illness/injury so they will re-learn how to have fun with movement and enjoy being physically active. This gift of movement ability, in turn, will increase lifelong enjoyment of physical exercise and greatly increase quality of life in our patients.

Simply put, MET is the Smart Way To Train since our patients learn that the most important training tool they will ever need is their own brain.

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