The Body-Brain Coaching
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The M.E.T METHOD: Exciting Trainers and Clients

Most people would agree that the fitness industry has changed considerably in the past 20 years. Once considered a sanctuary for muscle growth during the bodybuilding era, the fitness industry is now shifting in many directions to offer an increasingly varied array of services to please the ever-growing public demand.

One such direction the fitness industry has taken is to improve functionality. To help facilitate this growing demand, many gyms have started adding "functional training" to their program offerings. In many cases, we are seeing gyms trade in their bulky isolation-based training machines for functional, movement based, training equipment, while also increasing floor space to accommodate the increased movement that this type of training requires.

Even though we all have the greatest intensions, which is to provide the best training experience possible for our clients, the sheer velocity of changes combined with the overwhelming insurgence of movement based training equipment on the market is not occurring without its challenges. Research is showing that the brain handles gradual change very well, but rapid change may leave us overwhelmed, disoriented and may possibly cause rising levels of disengagement in our staff members

M.E.T was developed as a programming system to help trainers cope better with this rapid change by developing a training structure that focuses on movements and movement pattern regressions/progressions that, initially, are familiar to the trainer and client leaving them more receptive to gradual change and building complexity from a familiar platform. By changing focus from equipment to movement, any new equipment can easily be introduced into the M.E.T Method, leaving both trainer and client feeling empowered to try new things and being even more open to new changes ahead.

Your solution to sustainability

Much more than just a one-off certification program, the M.E.T Method is a system developed with the trainer, client, and facility in mind. No expensive investments are required and implementation of the MET method in your facility is completely free for any certified trainer.

However, in our mission to help you receive the greatest return possible and to ensure engagement levels of both clients and trainers remains sustainably high, we have developed a number of optional services.

Services Free License Bronze Silver Gold
In-house Certification of
M.E.T Trainers at Market Rate *
Use of M.E.T Logo, slogans etc
In-house Marketing, Such as:
Use of Posters, Promotions etc.
Quarterly Workshops
For Trainers by M.E.T Master Trainer
6 Week In-House Training
Development by M.E.T Master Trainer
Program Launch By
M.E.T Master Trainer
Full-Time M.E.T Master Trainer
To oversee implementation

* Conditions Apply