The Body-Brain Coaching
        Method That Transforms Lives.


One Program For All Trends

Most people would agree that the fitness industry has changed considerably in the past 20 years. Once considered a sanctuary for muscle growth during the bodybuilding era, the fitness industry is now shifting in multiple directions where it is attempting to offer a much more varied array of services to please an ever growing public demand.

ACSM's 2012 Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends reported that amongst the top 10 fitness trends are: Access to Educated, Certified and Experienced Fitness Professionals, Strength Training, Fitness Programs for older adults, exercise and weight loss, Children and Obesity, Personal Training, Core Training, Group Based Personal Training, Dance related exercise, and Functional Training. With such a broad spectrum of trends, as educated fitness professionals, how do we stay on top of our game and stay ahead of this dynamically changing industry.

The M.E.T Method is developed by fitness professionals to help other fitness professionals be more effective in their own fields of specialty. As a program, M.E.T is designed to function as a system that molds seamlessly with any discipline using equipment that is already present in most gyms and in fact is highly complementary to each of the top trends in the industry today. The M.E.T Method is currently also being used by instructors of other popular trends such as: Yoga, Pilates, Sports Conditioning, Boot Camp, Group Fitness, and Clinical Fitness.

M.E.T: Inspiring Fitness and Changing Lives

Even though the fitness industry is the fastest growing industry today, a significant portion of the population is still inactive and only 15% of all Americans own gym memberships. Ever increasing obesity rates as well as other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and a number of preventable cancers is showing us that we, as an industry, are simply doing something wrong.
To be more effective, the fitness industry must develop new methods to attract a greater variety of markets so we can drive down inactivity and increase population wide gym participation.

M.E.T's mission is to "Inspire Fitness and Change Lives." As an organization, we are committed to promoting health and fitness and to consistently develop new ways to attract greater markets and to inspire people around the world to become healthier and fitter.

The M.E.T Method offers a fresh perspective that enables trainers and clubs to attract broader audience groups and retain existing clients. Deceptively simple in its application, M.E.T is so practical it can be immediately implemented into any training system offering tremendous benefits to the program while enabling trainers and clubs to attract a greater diversity of new clients and members so we can all be even more effective at Inspiring Fitness and Changing Lives.

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