The Body-Brain Coaching
        Method That Transforms Lives.

Marcel Daane

This recipient of the 2012 Global HR Excellence Award in Leadership's passion lies in the realm of maximizing cognitive and physical performance by using an integrated combination of Neuroscience, Exercise Physiology and Nutrition.

His Post Graduate qualifications in the Neuroscience coupled with undergraduate degrees in Complementary Medicine and Applied Nutrition in combination with numerous sports and fitness coaching qualifications, together with twenty years of experience in sports, wellness, and cognitive performance coaching, as well as ten years in the military, have enabled Marcel to developed a unique, integrated model of coaching that is highly sought after in the sports, fitness and corporate arenas.

Next to being an internationally acclaimed fitness educator and author, Marcel is the Managing Director of Body-Brain Performance Coaching in Singapore, which specializes in Executive Leadership and Performance Coaching for organizations such as SAP-Asia Pacific, Accenture, Google, and HERMES as well as Body-Brain Coaching for individuals seeking self-improvement. In recognition for his mission to inspire health and improve executives' lives earned him the prestigious Global HR Award for Outstanding Leadership in 2012.

In 2007, Marcel conceptualized South East Asia's premier Sports Training Gym called: SPEED Institute, which specializes in the athletic development of both children and adults.

Marcel's M.E.T Transformational Coaching Model received great recognition from the coaching world after helping the Singapore National Boxing Team secure medals at the 2009 South East Asia Games and the 2010 Tri-Nations Cup, an accomplishment not witnessed since 1972.

Marcel is also an IDEA International Fitness Presenter, and has presented at some of the world's largest fitness conventions such as the IDEA World Fitness Convention in the United States, Filex in Australia, and FitPro In the U.K. In Asia, Marcel's reputation as a leading Fitness Educator and Entrepreneur has earned him invitations to speak on Leadership at numerous global leadership and business events including the highly prestigious World Fitness Business Owners Summit in 2012.

"In my role as Director of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation I am fortunate to teach hundreds of pupils each year and have the honor of presenting as some of the Industry's top Fitness Conferences globally. So it is fair to say I see a lot of what is out there in terms of new products, training tools and methodologies. Much of the fitness industry today focuses on such end results as fat loss, muscle gain, and increases in speed and power. I was excited to learn about Marcel Daane's new MET program because in this program he puts the focus on an oft-neglected yet crucially important area of training, which is MOVEMENT. Marcel has spent years studying not only HOW but also WHY we move and especially HOW we can move BETTER! I think you will find Marcel's MET program to be a valuable new component to your fitness education, as I have!"

Steve Cotter:
• Founder and Director of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation"