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About M.E.T

MET Coaching Method

Everything we do in life starts and finishes in the brain. No matter what we do, whether it's reading a book, communicating with a colleague, driving a car, exercising, or playing sports, all action depends on direction from the brain.Research is showing us that mood, thoughts, and even memory are highly dependent on the physiological state of the body while physical health, fitness and sports performance are highly dependent on a well-functioning brain.

With both the brain and the body being so biologically interconnected, managing emotions and behaviors while ignoring the body in a shoulders up approach typically seen in the business world, for example, or training the body while ignoring the brain in a shoulders down approach commonly seen in physical conditioning, healthcare, fitness, and sports may not be the most effective strategies.

Much more than a physical training system, M.E.T is a transformational coaching system that strives to synchronize the brain with the body by keeping the complete human being in mind thus laying the foundation to improve emotional and cognitive function while simultaneously developing a fitter, stronger, and more dynamic body. This, in turn, improves overall function and performance in many arenas of life.

As a Coaching Model, M.E.T utilizes a 3-step process being to: Move, Empower, and Transform.

Step 1 - Move

Historically, our bodies and brains evolved during a time and in an environment full of danger where physical activity was at the core of our ability to survive and thrive. During that time, we developed genetic predispositions that are primal drivers from within the deepest parts of our subconscious brains, which are for a large part responsible for many of our behaviors today.

Research is showing that cognitive capacity is directly linked to physical movement. However, in today's modern world, the requirements for movement have decreased so dramatically that we are now losing the capacity to move naturally the way we were genetically designed, which is the cause of numerous mental and physical medical conditions.

The first step of the M.E.T Transformational Coaching Model therefore focuses on reconnecting the brain and the body by optimizing movement capacity through Movement Efficiency Training, to once again reignite our genetic potential and to enable us to thrive in this modern day environment.


Step 2 - Empower

Learning new behaviors, taking on challenges and successfully overcoming obstacles is often a process of developing new neurological pathways and sometimes requires rewiring of the brain.

Our ability to change old habits and form new behavioral rituals is often limited by our capacity and desire to want to change.

As the success pathway shows, potential is reliant on sufficient levels of self-belief, which can only materialize into successful results with sufficient effort and consistent action.

Our ability to challenge our beliefs and raise our potential is strongly influenced by our awareness, desire and knowledge, which lay at the foundation of drive.

Research in Neuroscience has shown that even a basic awareness of ones own brain function helps improve emotional regulation, mood, sports performance, weight loss, and even helps regulate chronic pain and manage disease.

The second step of the M.E.T Transformational Coaching Model strives to increase levels of self-awareness and motivation through Excellence Coaching, which improves knowledge of ones own brain function as it relates to behavior, as well as brain-body health nutrition to empower effective and consistent decision making to ensure long-term constructive behavior change.


Step 3 - Transform

Greater levels of self-belief and potential are the stepping-stones to achieving greater success in life. However, without consistent and targeted action requiring pinpoint laser focus, even the greatest potential will only go so far. Each action plan, therefore, requires a specifically designed blueprint.

Even the greatest athletes in the world utilize coaches to help ensure their efforts and actions are targeted and on schedule to achieve the greatest amount of success possible from their efforts.

The third step of the M.E.T Transformational Coaching Model is a one-on-one coaching method that helps you stay on track and motivated while on your journey of transformation. Your M.E.T Transformational Coach will assist you to lay out the success plan that suits you best and will help you learn new skills to overcome challenges and obstacles that lay ahead. Together with your M.E.T Transformational Coach you will embark on an unimaginable journey of self-discovery that will enable you to transform and blossom to your best potential.

Marcel Daane is a true pioneer in the health and fitness arena. His programs anchor into a philosophy that takes into account the interdependencies of the human body. This makes Marcel’s program solutions TRULY effective for overall performance, be it physical or mental. Marcel has developed the MET program, which is a progressive look at structuring effective exercise strategies for optimum result. Congratulations Marcel and well-done!

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