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Fitness Leadership

Clients engage the services of of a trainer, coach, or gym, for many reasons. Whatever the reason is, one thing that remains constatnt accross all clients is that they seek the expert guidance of fitness professionals to help them become a better verision of themselves.

Lessons learned from the military and corporate leadeership world teach us that running a successful fitness business requires building trusting relationships with a large diversity of personalities. However, research in the Neuroscience of Leadership has shown that many leaders utilize a single, default, leadership style that is only attractive to a small portion of the population.

Our ability to develop multiple communication, and leadership styles for the right types of clients, and staff, enable us to connect better, build a foundation of trust, and develop long-term relationships that will not only enable us to gain more clients, and/or staff, but retain those cleints and/or staff members for a much longer period of time, which in turn leads to greater success and revenue.

The Fitness Leadership course is a 14-Hour course that is offered, both as an online as well as a live course. During this course, you will learn to identify your default leadership style and you will learn how to expand your arsenal of leadership strategies to appeal to a much broader population of personalities. You will also learn about the science behind leadership, effective communication styles, how to develop a solid business vision and basic business management skills.

This course is launching in June 2015. Contact Us now to be one of the first to register for this course!


Fitness Leadership Course Overview:

Lesson 1 The Leadership Mindset 2 Hours
Lesson 2 Leadership Styles 1 Hour
Lesson 3 The Science of Leadership 2 hours
Lesson 4 Visionary Leadership 2 Hours
Lesson 5 Leadership Communication 2 Hours
Lesson 6 Multi-Disciplinary Leadership 2 Hours
Lesson 7 Business Management 2 Hours
Lesson 8 Goal Setting Strategies 1 Hour