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What is M.E.T?

M.E.T is a transformational coaching system that strives to synchronize the brain with the body by keeping the complete human being in mind thus laying the foundation to improve emotional and cognitive function while simultaneously developing a fitter, stronger, and more dynamic body.

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Take the first step to become a Certified M.E.T Instructor and be a part of an ever expanding family of Transformational Coaches. Learn from our courses how to implement Neuroscience, Exercise Science, and Nutritional Science to Move, Empower, and ultimately Transform your clients.

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The M.E.T Method is a solution based system developed with the trainer, client, and facility in mind. Implementation of the MET method in your facility is completely free. To help your business growth, we have developed a number of solutions that will keep your trainers and members excited for years to come.

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What it means to be a M.E.T Method Coach

Cameron Harn - M.E.T level 1 Coach

For me, working as a personal trainer, being an M.E.T Certified Coach is about getting others to experience the joys of movement again.

People were meant to MOVE! Unfortunately for today’s society technology has almost eliminated the need to move from our daily lives. Our bodies then adapt to a lifestyle of inactivity, and once we are called to move it disrupts our comfort which then leads to a negative response to movement.

As M.E.T Coaches we understand that the brain enjoys movement, it has just forgotten what it’s like to move freely and efficiently. So it is our job to retrain the brain to teach the body that moving is a part of life. We know how to put the FUN back in FUNCTIONAL.

We are M.E,T and we LIVE to MOVE!


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